National Poetry Month – Link Roundup

It’s National Poetry Month again, and I am bringing you a few cool links to events and ideas that are inspiring me this April.

  • What happens when you gather together a bunch of politically active artists? The Poetic Address to the Nation. Happening on April 22, at 7pm, this event is an artists’ compilation of and reaction to “the interlocking crises of systemic racism, eviction, poverty, access to healthcare, and more laid bare by COVID-19” You can register for it here. (Full disclosure, this event is being co-sponsored this year by MassCreative, an advocacy organization with which I am affiliated.)
  • NPR wants your Twitter poems! (Or TikTok, apparently, which has turned into a hotbed of spoken word poetry, which is cool.) Use the hashtag #NPRpoetry for a chance to catch their eye and get featured on All Things Considered.
  • Get a look at rarely seen items from the Emily Dickinson Collection at Harvard’s Houghton Library (where they keep the cool, old, rare stuff).
  • The Mass Poetry Festival is back!
  • Longfellow National Historic Site has released their schedule and registration for their virtual summer poetry readings.

And okay, this isn’t technically poetry, but I just can’t stop listening to Perseverance rolling across Mars. There’s definitely a poem in there somewhere.

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