Show Up. Dive In. It’s 2017, whether you’re ready or not.

2016 was internationally devastating, nationally confusing, and personally full of upheaval, though of the positive kind. I moved, got engaged & started planning a wedding, joined a board for an organization I deeply admire, traveled in fun places and caught up with old friends. I continue to work with people I respect for a field I believe in, and I still have the best family pretty much ever. I read 60 something books, including some re-reads of old favorites, led some fun workshops on museums, pop-culture, poetry, and art, and I made some cool stuff. I did not write as much as would be terrific, but 2017 is a shiny new penny, and I already have words on pages and deadlines lining up.

More on that later.

For now, here are three good and/or insightful things from this week to watch/read, if you haven’t yet.

President Obama’s Farewell Address – If you missed it, it’s worth a watch. With tissues, if you’re anything like me.

David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post: “The behind-the-scenes story of my year covering Trump – How a rally in Iowa and a campaign manager’s falsehood set a year of investigations in motion”

Racheline Maltese: “Encouraging the Media to Do Better” – How to be a more critical and helpful consumer of news media

And here’s one piece of fluff and joy, to leaven all that intentional citizenship:

Matthew Monagle on “Broadway Rhythm’s Got Me, Ev’rybody Dance: Why all the cool kids are in love with movie musicals

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