“Mill Brook” & Happy National Poetry Month

You didn’t think I’d let more than a few days of National Poetry Month pass without comment, did you? I celebrated the first week by diving headfirst into Mary Oliver’s latest volume, Blue Horses, which I adored, and also I’m gearing up for leading my session “Found Narratives” at the Mass Poetry Fest in May.  Finally, I’m doing my best to participate in the ‘poem a day’ challenge.  While I have been taking some of my themes from the challenge they’re hosting at Writers’ Digest, I’ve also been going where my whimsy takes me, so here’s a piece I’m fairly happy with from this month’s early efforts:

Mill Brook, from the Mill Street Bridge, Arlington, MA.  Photo by Meg Winikates

Mill Brook, from the Mill Street Bridge, Arlington, MA. Photo by Meg Winikates

Mill Brook
By Meg Winikates, April 2015

Missing the ocean, I have decided
to adopt the brook.
It is not especially approachable,
high-banked and fenced,
a little cantankerous at times
with the culverts and cobblestones
the city has gifted it.
But I am determined
to love its brown burbling,
its occasional patient mallard,
as we all await
the timid spring.

6 thoughts on ““Mill Brook” & Happy National Poetry Month

  1. Good on you for doing a 30/30 project. It’s difficult. I’m taking this year off to just read poetry instead of writing it.


  2. Thanks! It’s both easier and harder than doing the NaNoWriMo 50K: fewer words, but they all need to mean more. Reading sounds like a perfectly delightful option to me–there’s a lot to be said for just taking the month to revel in words without worrying about them. Who are you reading at the moment?

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  3. At the moment, I’m reading through Dylan Thomas, Anne Sexton, “The Making of a Poem” (edited by Mark Strand and Eavan Boland), Noel Crook, Traci Brimhall, and a friend of mine Tyree Daye. A good variety along with some flash fiction. 🙂


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