Granite Calligraphy

I never get tired of being impressed and surprised by my friends.  My friend and former colleague Kyle Browne is an environmental artist, and has been remarkably busy this summer, with artist residencies, a piece from which is appearing in PEM’s Art & Nature Center show opening next week, Branching Out: Trees as Art, and apparently also walking the coastline on the North Shore, reading and writing the landscape there.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the New England coastline myself, between a project with my photographic collaborator on the West Coast, and my trip to Provincetown earlier this summer.  [There are poems brewing!]  I’ve always appreciated the kinds of patterns one gets on the sand in shallow tidal water, or rippled into the rocks of a bouldersome stream, but Kyle’s latest work gives me a new appreciation for the subtle curves and breaks of the rocky shores that are such a pain to carry scuba gear over.  They look like brush strokes, and make me want to spend more time on my favorite rock down at Collins Cove, watching the stones as well as the sea.

Check out the video of Kyle’s piece below or related photography on her site here.

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