Submissions feel like chocolate cake tastes

2014 is off to a good start!

For those of you who actually click through to my whole blog, you’ll have noticed that we have a spruced up theme for the new year, complete with a breathtaking family photo from Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail for inspiration.

It’s also been a good year for progress on assorted writing projects.  Aside from the 30ish letters sent this past month which included progress on my collaborative Modern Epistolary Novel Project, I’ve workshopped 20ish pages of Dragon’s Midwife with my writers’ group, and got some useful feedback that I’m eager to get back to, as soon as I finish those last few tricky climactic scenes in the first draft.  (Does anyone else have trouble beating up on their favorite characters? I do!)

And finally, I also submitted a flash fiction piece to Three Minute Futures, which was good fun.  Brevity is not my natural inclination, so a story in under 600 words was a great exercise.  Results come out in early April.

Plans for March include finishing the Dragon’s Midwife draft and starting revisions.  Hoping to have a nice thick binder of material to scribble all over on the plane to Florida!

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