Thoughts on Boston and Camp Nano update 2

Fun things first: I’m up over 25,500 words, so I’ve already surpassed the mark I hit in November’s Nanowrimo, which feels good, even if I remain behind par.  I’ve hit the point where the plot ratchets up a notch, hoping that my pacing has been working so far given that my main antagonist has been an invisible puppetmaster.  Pacing is always one of those things I know I need to pay attention to!

Sadly, this has not been such a great week for me, my loved ones, and my city.  Though nearly everyone I know came through Monday’s bombing essentially unscathed, not all did, and the constant strain of continual coverage and bad news has taken its toll even on those of us who were nowhere near the finish line.  I’ve been trying to process through painting and poetry, and positive thoughts.  Sadly, despite my best attempts, my words remain spiralling and frenetic.  Therefore, for lack of a poem of my own worthy of sharing at the moment, since it is National Poetry Month, a poem by one of my favorites that gave me some peace this morning:

Poem of the One World
by Mary Oliver

This morning
the beautiful white heron
was floating along above the water

and then into the sky of this
the one world
we all belong to

where everything
sooner or later
is part of everything else

which thought made me feel
for a little while
quite beautiful myself.

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