And She’s at it again, Camp Nanowrimo Edition

The badge of the truly wordcount madYes, I signed up for another month of obsessive wordcounting, this time in pursuit of finishing a piece I was already working on and had laid aside for the last Nanowrimo challenge.  Schola Ariolos is still in progress, in fact I got to work on some back-story for the mysterious mentor Brian Wong last night in my writers’ group, but that particular story is playing understudy and waiting in the wings for right now so that I can (fingers crossed) finish Dragon’s Midwife instead.  Then, muses willing, May will be editing month and June will be submission city.  (And somewhere in there I will be attending pre-wedding festivities for family members and close friends, running family friendly Poetry Festival activities, and doing a bunch of that other museum education-y stuff I blog about.)

And when I need a brain break from my rapid word-spillage this month, I will be delving into The Turncoat, by the charming Donna Thorland, with whom I had a very entertaining lunch today.  Check out her seriously impressive book trailer below–someone’s film production roots are showing!

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