More Illustrated Found Poetry

Over on Brain Popcorn this week I’m talking about creating illustrated found poetry using altered book pages.  I couldn’t stop myself at one example, however, so the others are going here on the creative writing blog where they belong.  Click the images to enlarge for easier reading.

"Portrait of a Young Woman" by Meg Winikates, originally from an art exhibition catalog

“Portrait of a Young Woman” by Meg Winikates, originally from an art exhibition catalog

Meg_Ordinary Poem

“Ordinary, Ordinary” by Meg Winikates, page originally from In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner

2 thoughts on “More Illustrated Found Poetry

  1. I love the internet. I live in UK & was chatting to my friend in Australia…. She sent pic of her 1st ‘found poetry’. I immediately thought “what’s that & why don’t i know about it? Before she went to land of nod, sent me a link to here!!!
    Have not seen before (obviously!), what a marvelous idea!! Only thing I’d have to insist on is books would have to be literally beyond repair. A little bit precious about books, lol.
    So thank you to my friend in Australia & thank YOU here for illustrating another craft I can be addicted, sorry, mean extremely fond of!! :))


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