NaNoWrimo (n.) – Insanity in 50K words

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This year I decided to jump into the wild and wacky world of NaNoWriMo to give my writing an extra boost and to help silence my extraordinarily critical inner editor. This project turned out to be a fortuitous combination of stories I’ve been pondering for a while, which it turns out, all are inter-related and happen in the same universe.  The working title for this collection of interlocking stories is  Schola Ariolos (Latin for “School for Wizards”).  This moniker is, as the characters in the world discover, a bit misleading–Hogwarts it is not.  If you’re curious to find out more about the project, you can find a page about it here or linked over on my sidebar.

How am I doing?

I need prodding, and praise, so help me along by jeering when my days are red (‘Get off the internet and write!’), nudging when they’re yellow (‘Par is not good enough!’), and praising when they’re green (‘Yay words!’).  As I progress, I’ll post some of my favorite snippets and synopses of each book.

(And if any of you are also busy being Wrimos, drop me a note [Winikat on] and we can be writing buddies.  I make for a very good virtual cheerleader!)

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