Dragonfly Summer

It’s a dragonfly summer, all red, blue and green,
All sizes dart fast and crouch still.
Hundreds more dragons than ever I’ve seen,
Blithe masters of aerial skill.

It’s a dragonfly summer, big-eyed and lean,
Rainswept and sunbaked by turn,
But prism-bright dragons on fencepost and tree
seem to preach a creed we’ve yet to learn.

Cruise when you can and rest where you may,
And hover a while, just for fun.
Winds fall and rise and directions will change–
In the end there is only the sun

Of a dragonfly summer and its flash of four wings
and the zip-sliding, slow-gliding of time,
Of emeralds and rubies, sapphire gleams–
Deep-dreaming, eternal, sublime.

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