Future’s looking bright

I find myself alternately intrigued, amused, and inspired by Outshine (http://twitter.com/Outshine).


It describes itself as ‘A Twitterzine for optimistic, near future prose poems.’ Twitter posts include serious inspirational quotes on Mondays, lighter ones on Fridays, feel good ‘window on the next 50 years’ Sci-Fi prose poems on Wednesdays, and humorous ones usually on Saturdays. Most are really fun, often quirky, and generally quite clever. The 140 character restriction is problematic for a genre which often seems to require a lot of exposition, but it forces pithy description and vivid imagery which is a fun challenge. It reminds me a little of my poetry professor in college challenging us to write a poem which fit on half an index card.

Outshine is a mini-branch of Shine, a Sci-Fi anthology (http://shineanthology.wordpress.com/).

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