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Margaret Winikates is a writer and museum educator from Boston, MA.  She writes poetry and fiction as well as Brain Popcorn, a blog on interdisciplinary education.  Meg has also been a contributing writer to the Peabody Essex Museum blog, Connected.  She majored in English Literature and Language at Harvard University and studied poetry and composition with Peter Sacks and Douglas Powell.  She currently lives in Northampton, MA, works for the New England Museum Association, is a board member and editorial team co-chair for the Museum Education Roundtable, and is a member of the Leadership Council for MassCreative.

Writing Credits and Honors:

+ 3 haiku as part of the Minuteman Bikeway celebration, August 2018
+ “Belgian Skylight,” published in all the sins, Issue 5, summer 2017
+ 3 essay series on museums and creativity, published in all the sins, spring 2017: “Art Heists for Art’s Sake” , “5 Tips on Using Museums for Inspiration”, and “And I must follow if I can”
+ “The world in a grain of sand: Incorporating a sense of scale in poetry” essay published on Mass Poetry, September 2016
“It Was Supposed To Be Dinosaurs” short story, Honorable Mention, Center for the Future of Museums, April 2016.
+ “The Storyvore” short fiction published on Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, November 2015.
+ “Swing into the sway,” “Punk rock beauty,” “How may I learn to sit like a lotus?,” and “The Bees Know” (poems) published on Window Cat Press, Summer 2015.
+ “Biofeedback” short fiction published on Connected, October 2014.
+ “Float then Flicker” photo/poetry triptych by Meg Winikates and Michele Morris featured in Venice Arts Gallery’s 21st Gala show and Open Show LA, October 2014, part of the photo/poetry book, Palettes of Light
+ Winner, Harvard Book Store Haiku Contest, June 2014

+ “On Beyond Giggles: Writing Children’s Poetry” workshop, Mass Poetry Festival, May 2017
+ “Solarpunk Serenades” workshop, Mass Poetry Festival, May 2017
+ “The World in a Grain of Sand: Incorporating Scale in Poetry and Art” workshop, Mass Poetry Festival, April 2016
+ National Poetry Month at the Longfellow National Historic Site, 2 programs, April 2o16 (“Something New, Something Strange” found poetry, “Grace Unto Every Art” ekphrastic poetry)
Improbable Places Poetry Tour, October 28, 2015 (Harvest/Moon theme), rescheduled to September 2016
+ U35 Reading Series, September 22, 2015 (see video of this event here)
+ “Found Narratives” ekphrastic poetry workshop, Mass Poetry Festival, May 2015

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The Author as Fanny Longfellow, when working for Longfellow NHS, in the garden.

The Author as Fanny Longfellow, when working for Longfellow National Historic Site.

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