“At the Info Desk (Logan Airport, 10 pm)”

I always appreciate it when my writers’ group offers up a prompt that makes you  consider a new perspective.  This week’s best prompt was to write from the point of view of “someone who works at an airport.”

"Logan Airport, Terminal A at night" by Alan Myles.  Creative Commons, click for source

“Logan Airport, Terminal A at night” by Alan Myles. Creative Commons, click for source

At the Info Desk (Logan Airport, 10 pm)
by Meg Winikates

Departures, arrivals, wheels up, wheels down,
conveyor belts creak round and round,
handles up, wheels down.
“Cup of coffee? That’s three fifty,”
and her sigh’s a lonely sound–
Ten pm at Logan: parking up, buses down.
“Did I miss the Silver Line?”
“Five more minutes, head on down–
last exit on the left,” and
the wheels go round and round.
“Left my passport at the hotel!”
Customs up, taxis down.
Peculiar sort of silence as
the last flight touches down
and the echoes of the travelers
pulse like heartbeats round and round.